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Tips For Reducing Your Impact


Fertilizers: Fertilizers contain nitrates and phosphates that, in abundance, can lead to water quality degradation and fish kills. 

  • Avoid the unnecessary use of fertilizers
  • Do not apply before a heavy rainfall when it is more likely they will be carried into the bay by runoff

Pesticides: Many household products made to exterminate pests are also toxic to humans, animals, aquatic organisms and plants.  Use alternatives whenever possible.  If you do use a pesticide, follow the label directions carefully.   more info. on pesticide use [leaving site]

Household Hazardous Products: Many common household products (paint thinners, moth balls, drain and oven cleaners, unused and expired medications to name a few) contain toxic ingredients.  When improperly used or discarded, these products are a threat to public health and the environment.  Do not discard with the regular household trash.  Use natural and less toxic alternatives whenever possible. 

Call 311 for  information regarding household hazardous waste Stop Throwing Out hazardous Pollutants (STOP) collection. 

North Hempstead Link to the STOP program

Litter: Trash that makes its way into the environment can have serious impacts on the health of wildlife and humans.  To avoid this:
  • Discard items, including cigarette butts and fast food containers, in trash receptacles. 
  • Never throw trash onto streets or down storm drains. 
  • Recycle as much as possible. 
  • Join a beach clean-up!  E-mail: to join the annual fall beach clean-up.

Pet Waste: Animal wastes contain bacteria and viruses that can contaminate shellfish beds and cause the closing of beaches.    Pet owners should pick up after pets and dispose of wastes in the garbage or toilet. 

Motor Oil: Used motor oil contains toxic chemicals that are harmful to humans, animals, and fish.  Do not dump used motor oil down storm drains or on the ground.  Recycle all used motor oil by taking it to a local public or private recycling center.

Car Washing: Wash your car only when necessary.  Consider using a commercial car wash that recycles its wash water. 

 Septic Systems: An improperly working septic system can contaminate ground water and create public health problems.  Avoid adding unnecessary grease, household hazardous products, and solids to your septic system.  Pump out your tank every 3 to 5 years depending on its use.  Coming soon:  CESSPOOL website.

Boat Discharges: Dumping boat sewage overboard introduces bacteria and viruses into the water and it is also illegal:  Manhasset Bay and the neighboring Long Island Sound are designated No Discharge Zones.  Boaters should always use marine sanitation devices and pump-out facilities.  For free pump outs call the Town of North Hempstead Dock @ 1-516-767-4622 or the Town Pump-Out Boat on VHF Channel 9.


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