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   Manhasset Bay Protection Committee Publications

           Manhasset Bay 2018 WQ Findings Summary ***NEW***


1999 Water Quality Improvement Plan

Bilge Sock Brochure


Clean Boating Tips Brochure


Native Plant Garden Brochure


EPA Storm Water Publications: 


Kids Crossword Puzzle - (PDF Format) - Provides a fun learning opportunity for middle school children and can be used to generate classroom discussion or further exploration of water pollution issues. May be customized. Printed copies are no longer available from EPA. EPA 841-H-03-002

After The Storm - (PDF Format) - Provides a broad overview of stormwater pollution, including runoff from residential and commercial properties, farms, construction sites, automotive facilities, forestry operations, and others. EPA 833-B-03-002

Home Owners Guide to Improve Storm Water - (PDF Format) - This short brochure is targeted directly to homeowners and provides tips on a wide variety of simple things that homeowner's can do to prevent stormwater pollution. May be customized. EPA 833-B-03-003


Storm Water Door Hanger - (PDF Format) - Provides a friendly reminder to keep trash, chemicals, and other pollutants out of storm drains. For use by stormwater inspectors and other local officials, in conjunction with illicit discharge elimination systems. May be customized. You may use this file to reproduce this door hanger. Printed copies are no longer available from EPA. EPA 833-F-03-002


  NYSDEC Publications

Everything You Wanted To Know About Composting, But Were Afraid To Ask - (PDF Format, 293k) - Provides a description on how to make a composte pile and its benificial uses.

Leave It On The Lawn - (PDF Format, 68k) - Provides a description of lawn care waste reduction tips and benificial use of grass recycling.

How to stop junkmail - (PDF Format, 112k) - Copy of NYSDEC web.

How to stop credit card offers via mail - (PDF Format, 106k) - Copy of NYSDEC web page.
Reusable Lunchbox - (PDF Format, 111k) - NYSDEC brochure on reducing waste from school lunches.
Reuse It Or Lose It - (PDF Format, 481k) - 15 page NYSDEC brochure on recycling.
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Compost and Buy Recycled - (PDF Format, 612k) - 3 page NYSDEC brochure on recycling.
Your School Can Stop (save that outgoing paper) - (PDF Format, 101k) - 4 page NYSDEC brochure on school paper recycling.
STOP (save that office paper) - (PDF Format, 52k) - 3 page NYSDEC brochure on office paper recycling.
Household Hazardous Waste Disposal and Alternatives Chart - (PDF Format, 22k) - 2 page Albany County League of Women Voters brochure.
Automotive Product Disposal - (PDF Format, 66k) - 2 page NYSDEC brochure on disposal of brake fluid, antifreeze, used oil, carburetor cleaners, gasoline, diesel, and used batteries.
Don't Let Your Tires, Used Oil and Lead Acid Batteries Pollute the Environment - (PDF Format, 49k) - 2 page NYSDEC brochure on disposal of auto related items.
Cleaning and Maintenance Product Disposal - (PDF Format, 40k) - 2 page NYSDEC brochure on disposal of bleach, oven cleaners, drain openners, surface cleaners, polishes, waxes, amonia and adhesives.
Pesticide Disposal - (PDF Format, 39k) - 2 page NYSDEC brochure on pesticide disposal.
Paint Disposal - (PDF Format, 556k) - 3 page NYSDEC brochure on latex, oil based, hobby and aerosol paint disposal.
Solvent Disposal - (PDF Format, 39) - 2 page NYSDEC brochure on solvent disposal (nail polish, paint removers, degreasers, septic cleaners)


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